10 Easy & Practical Ways to Save Money in the 21st Century

5) Cancel the subscriptions you’re not using. 

It’s absolutely insane to pay for Pandora One if you only listen to music on long road trips or Hulu Plus if you only keep it to watch one show’s new episodes. If you’re not using a service enough to get what you’re paying for, it’s probably wisest to find an alternative route to getting that service when you’re going to use it. I might step on some toes here, but don’t pay for a gym membership if you’re only going a couple times a month. If you are dedicated and hitting the gym all the time, good for you. Keep up the good work! But if you keep paying that bill because you keep *telling yourself* you’re going to go, buy a couple weights and a yoga mat and work out at home on those days you’re in the mood.


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