The Legend of Zelda (NES): Ten Things You Didn’t Know

6) 10th Enemy Has the Bomb

What does “10th enemy has the bomb” truly mean? Several times throughout the game you will bump into an old man who gives you cryptic advice (i.e. – “EASTMOST PENINSULA IS THE SECRET”, “WALK INTO THE WATERFALL”, etc.). One of his most cryptic sayings is “10TH ENEMY HAS THE BOMB”. This piece of advice seems to be telling us that every 10th enemy you kill will result in a bomb pick-up which is actually not the case. After years of attempting different things to see what the old man was talking about it was finally discovered that if you have a bomb in your inventory, kill nine enemies without getting hit AND kill the 10th enemy with a bomb you will receive a bomb pick-up. How in the world were we supposed to figure that out with the old man’s single sentence of advice? Bad translations get blamed for a lot of these cryptic statements but in this case, for a reason still unknown, Nintendo decided to change the hint that was provided by the old man for the US version. In the Japanese version of the game the old man informs the player that the Lion Key is located in the current dungeon. Why would Nintendo change this tip to be something so obscure? The world may never know!


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