Top 10 Things Americans Worship (And Shouldn’t)

10) The Past


Nostalgia. It is powerful and intoxicating —sometimes quite literally — and that is the problem. Thinking about the past is often done (like just about everything else) through a perspective filter that leaves us seeing just exactly what we want to see (something awesome), while ignoring all of the pesky (and inconvenient) trappings of reality. The past is important (it got us where we are and can help us avoid previously experienced problems); but we are where we are and we are going somewhere else.


Have you ever heard someone talk about the “good old days?” Of course you have. Everyone thinks their old days were the good ones (one of the reasons I can’t stop listening to 80’s music)! As we grow older, we don’t keep up with the newest trends quite like we once did. We start to understand the thought processes and interests of those much younger than us less and less because of this. It is natural to desire to dwell in a place where we feel at home; and we will (one day).

This is not our home. We are just dust in the wind (here for a very short time) and God has given us a purpose — to grow into the adult children (His children) he intended for us to be; and help others do the same. Hallowing the past doesn’t achieve this — and can be a very dangerous pill to take. Side effects may include: resentment, spite, anger, hostility, hatred, broken relationships, isolation, irrelevance, ineffectiveness, despair, and disappointment.


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