World of Warcraft: Ten Easy Ways to Improve

3) Research your Role/Specialization
When I try a new specialization the first thing I do is go and do some research online. My favorite two sites are Icy-veins and Wowhead. I find it best to model my character after the suggested build on these sites for at least a few dungeons (or arenas, or battlegrounds) to understand the flow of the build. Both sites will provide you with talent choices, artifact upgrade paths, stat priority and the appropriate rotation. Also, they can put you in touch with the author who is usually a very distinguished player for that role/spec among the WoW community. After I am comfortable with the suggested spec I will tweak things if necessary. Asking friends who play the same specialization how they have their talents, artifact traits, etc set up is also good but again, make sure you have a reliable source so that you don’t start off on the wrong foot.


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