World of Warcraft: Ten Easy Ways to Improve

5) Find the Right Guild
As I mentioned earlier, this game is actually quite social. Most things you want to do will require other folks who are like-minded to help you along the way. Guilds are an excellent way to improve your gameplay, make new friends, and enhance your entire gameplay experience. Make sure that you find a guild that fits you and what you are expecting to get out of the game. There are guilds that are all casual all the time, leveling guilds, pvp guilds, guilds that push end-game content and most guilds offer a mix of a few or even all of these things. Guilds will help you learn your role by providing a relatively safe environment to work on your gameplay.

Shameless plug – If you play on Drak’Thul or Skywall feel free to look up my guild, Crowd Control.


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