5 Reasons Christians SHOULDN’T AVOID Wonder Woman

3) Wonder Woman reminds us of the power in compassion. 

Several superhero movies have been released in the past decade with Marvel’s launch of the MCU and DC Comics’ launch of the DCEU, and most of them have done fairly well, some of them becoming blockbuster hits and box office record breakers. However, when Wonder Woman debuted it seemed…special. The reaction has been overwhelming. While a lot of the boom can be attributed to Wonder Woman being the first female lead superhero film, but I don’t think that’s the only reason. Most superhero films have a McGuffin fueled with rage and revenge. However, Wonder Woman is fueled with compassion. In the thick of the war, she crosses no man’s land because she can’t stand to see the innocent villagers suffering. When she hears Steve describe the war on man’s world, she is moved to the point that she can no longer stand by and watch. She has to go save the humans. She has to defeat evil.

Sound like anyone we might know and love…worship and follow? This is exactly what Jesus Christ did. He gave up his life in paradise to come to an evil earth to give hope to humans. He did it because he loved us. His compassion is evident from his descent to earth to his ascension to Heaven. He never passed the beggars, the blind, or the lame. He brought love and compassion with him everywhere he went. Diana is a role model for living out this characteristic of Christ.

“The Lord is gracious and righteous; our God is full of compassion.” ~ David (Psalm 116:5)



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