Top 10 Reasons to Believe God DOES Exist

1) Personal Experience

Perhaps there is no greater form of persuasion (with regard to an object’s existence) than to experience it directly.  Billions of people throughout history believe they have personally experienced the divine.  The validity of such a personal proof has been likened to the following scenario in the face of doubters.

Suppose you are on trial for a crime that you yourself know you did not commit. Everyone else involved in the trial believes you are guilty. The “evidence” has been stacked against you on every side. But, because of your experience, you know that you did not commit the crime. Even though you are the only one who has this experience and subsequent belief, you are still completely and totally justified to rationally hold it.

While personal experience would be considered anecdotal in community (and therefore not of much use in demonstrating God’s existence to others) it can be a powerful and transformative personal “proof.”

And there you have it! The Top 10 Reasons to Believe that God DOES Exist. Please share this list and like us on Facebook 🙂

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  1. My personal number one reason is “I’VE SEEN CHRIST JESUS” and know full well He is God~! He said more Blessed is He who has not seen but who Believes~!The reason for that is it takes the “Purest Faith” to Believe in an Unseen God.I am unsure why He revealed Himself to me but I am Grateful He did.

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