Top 10 Things Americans Worship (And Shouldn’t)


7) The Authority

“Authority” … a touchy subject in an America dealing with more and more protests and riots every year, as incidents of police brutality (however isolated they may be) continue to be brought to light by the raw investigative power of the internet.  Here is one example:

Many people are blindly rushing to defend “authority” figures when these incidents happen. It doesn’t matter if someone is a police officer, a military officer (like me), etc. Murder is sin. Killing an unarmed person who isn’t attacking you is murder, and human justification of murderers (calling good evil and evil good) is opposition to God.  There is no such thing as a “divine right of kings.”

Blind deference to “authority” in America is presently a problem; a problem that could potentially be instrumental in ushering in the terrible reality of a malignant police state — if we aren’t vigilant. In the American system of government, the people are the authority. Officials serving the people must be held to the highest standards of accountability for criminal actions; not worshiped as infallible messengers of the divine.


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