Top Ten Reasons Socialism is the Worst

7) Socialism is ANTI-REASON

“Logic and reasoning, which might show the absurdity of such [socialist] dreams of bliss and revenge, are to be thrust aside.” – Ludwig von Mises

“If socialists understood economics they wouldn’t be socialists.” – Friedrich August von Hayek (Nobel Prize – Economics 1974)

“To read too many books is harmful.” – Mao Zedong

“Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.” – George Orwell (1984)

Socialists are in the business of changing society, and not at the margins. They wish to conquer it, rearrange it, and totally transform it into an inevitable dystopian horror. Reality can be quite annoying, however, and rational thinking even more so. Unfortunately this little speed bump does not deter their endless forward momentum. Socialist masters are quite skilled at subverting perception — altering the “truth” in the minds of their lessers; and their minions have learned to disregard reality, believing only what is necessary to achieve the utopian promises demanded by their own envy and to justify their voluntary pursuit of madness.


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