Dr. Ron Reflects: Do People Know Who I Really Am?

Dr. Ron who are you

“Who are you?” We’ve all had someone ask us who we are. In order to answer that question, we need to know some things about ourselves. God knows who we are, but do we? Do others? The ancient prophet Isaiah tells us that God knew who we were before we were even formed in our mother’s womb (Is. 1:5). He knew everything that we would be doing, and how long we would be here (Ps. 139:16). In fact, He knows every possible thing there is to know (1 Jn. 3:20). With this in mind, it makes sense that we would turn to Him for some of the answers.

The world, however, is very skilled at leading us away from God and the truth of His word. Man says, “Look to me for the answers; I have all the information you will ever need at my disposal.” “Enjoy yourself, life is short; we are only here for a short period of time.” When we listen to the deceivers and decide to walk by the flesh, we cannot discern spiritual matters. We are caught up in the ways of the world and it is difficult to break free from its control.

Typically when someone would ask me who I was in the past, I likely would give them my name, tell them who my folks are, what I did for a living, where I live, which political party I belong to, my church home, my hobbies, my favorite teams, etc. While those answers provide some information about me, they really don’t identify who I am.

What if I answered that question by saying that I am a Christian? How would that affect the conversation? That answer would likely encourage further discussion from another believer, and discourage or even scare off the non-believer. Would the other person really understand what I was saying? If I am a Christian, that means that Jesus Christ is the most important person in my life. Being a Christian goes to the heart of my inner person, what I believe, what my values are, the principles that I stand on. If I am a Christian, that should be visible to others in my daily walk.

We are much more than our outward appearances would indicate (thank goodness). While we are all human beings, we are also spiritual beings. Why don’t we let other people see something of who we are as spiritual people?

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