Top 10 Reasons to Believe God DOES Exist

god exist

Does God exist? This question is quite ancient. Evidence of its asking can be found very early in the annals of recorded history. The Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) documents an expression of the query emanating from somewhere between the 10th and 7th centuries B.C.E. — as Psalm 14:1 states: “the fool says in his heart, there is no god.” Others have continued to take up this concern into the present day; as it deals explicitly with important issues of meaning and purpose pertaining to the human experience. Champions from both sides have emerged; attempting to bring their best arguments to the table so that mankind can be better prepared to approach this difficult and existential question.


Is there a good positive case for affirming that God does, in fact, exist? On the following pages we will examine the 10 best reasons to believe in the divine.


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  1. My personal number one reason is “I’VE SEEN CHRIST JESUS” and know full well He is God~! He said more Blessed is He who has not seen but who Believes~!The reason for that is it takes the “Purest Faith” to Believe in an Unseen God.I am unsure why He revealed Himself to me but I am Grateful He did.

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