Top 10 Reasons to Believe God DOES Exist

9) Origin of the Idea of “God”


Rene Descartes, an enlightenment-era genius responsible for several breakthroughs  in both mathematics and philosophy and primarily famous for his Cartesian coordinate system (geometry) and his “cogito” proof for the existence of the mind (“I think therefore I am”), developed an argument for the existence of God based on the origin of the mind’s awareness of the idea. The following syllogism is reflective of his argument.

descartesoriginDescartes famously set out to doubt all that could be doubted. When he was finished, the famous philosopher/ mathematician was left with two conclusions that he believed were beyond doubt. The first was that he (his mind) exists. The second … that God exists.


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  1. My personal number one reason is “I’VE SEEN CHRIST JESUS” and know full well He is God~! He said more Blessed is He who has not seen but who Believes~!The reason for that is it takes the “Purest Faith” to Believe in an Unseen God.I am unsure why He revealed Himself to me but I am Grateful He did.

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