Is Murder Wrong? Without God, All Answers to Moral Questions are Simply Opinions

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Are there good reasons to believe that a supreme being (God) exists? In one of our most popular articles we examine a few of the best reasons to believe that God does indeed exist; one of the most convincing of which is the reality that the vast majority of human beings seem to share a general moral compass. Regardless of society, race or geographical location, the great majority of people, for the the great majority of the time, seem to know that things like murder are wrong. But why is it wrong? How do we know it is wrong? Without a supreme mind (God) that defines moral deontology or virtue, all finite minds (our minds) are simply dealing in a soup of subjective opinion — rather than objective fact. The result of this truth is a rather ugly moral confusion; the sort of moral confusion that can (and has) become a catalyst for a wide array of human atrocities throughout the ages — culminating in the 20th century genocide (unprecedented in human history) brought on by the atheistic philosophies of Stalin, Hitler, and Mao.

Watch the following videos to get a quick overview of the moral argument for the existence of God, and, in doing so, arrive at a better understanding as to why intuitively knowing the difference between right and wrong is a pathway leading straight to Him.



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