Top Five Games on the SNES Classic Mini

snes classic mini

On September 29th, 2017, Nintendo of America will release its Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) Classic Mini — a throw back to the original SNES with 21 included games for $79.99. We’ve taken a look at the list of included titles and highlighted our top 5 reasons to own the system below:

#5 Starfox 2
The unreleased sequel to one of the most beloved games on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Production on this game was halted before it could be released but there were leaked copies of it which have warranted great reviews, especially on game-play and graphics. The game made use of an improved Super FX chip which was promised to extend the graphical capabilities of the SNES far beyond anything that had previously been seen. The hype surrounding this game alone is reason enough for it to be in my top five but if the reviews I have read are correct, it could be a major contender even after it’s release.


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