Ron Paul: “No Hint That Trump Will Actually Drain the Swamp”

Ron Paul Rand Paul

Long-time Republican congressman and champion of the Constitution, Ron Paul has expressed his disbelief, in light of certain announcements regarding Trump cabinet positions, that the president elect will actually attempt (or even be able) to “drain the swamp” of Washington insider-ism and corruption in the nation’s capital.  Dr. Paul had this to say:

Well, we all hope he’s successful, but I am skeptical because you know I got involved in politics in the early 70’s and my goal was to drain the swamp … I think every single year since then, whether Republicans or Democrats were in charge, the government always got bigger. I think he has a great idea, and there is a lot of enthusiasm for it, but there’s been a lot of names thrown around that might be in the administration who aren’t going to be the type of individuals that will really change things.

So far, cabinet positions in Donald’s administration have been offered up to long-time Washington insiders who just happen to be sympathetic to Trump’s espoused political positions — a far cry from the promised “swamp-draining” that the president elect campaigned on.

What do you think? Will Trump continue to appoint long-time Washington insiders to his cabinet? Or will he begin tapping exceptional outsiders (like Paypal billionaire Peter Thiel) to man these powerful and important posts in his administration? Watch Ron Paul’s full interview with Fox Business and let us know on Facebook or in the comments below.

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