STUDY: 54% of Abortion Patients Self-Identify as Christian

pro-life march

In a 2016 study, Gallup found that the majority of people receiving services from abortion clinics are Christian — about 54%. The largest block of that number is comprised of Catholics (24%) with mainline protestants next (17%) and evangelicals (13%) bringing up the rear.


Recent surveys relating to U.S. religious demography show that about 47% of Americans identify as Protestant (both mainline & evangelical) and nearly 21% identify as Catholic – meaning that Catholics, as a percentage of their identified population, are receiving more abortion related services than their Protestant counterparts.

The pro-life movement, at its core, seems to be largely fueled by Christian activism; so it seems prudent (and interesting) to look at these statistics to determine. Overall, these numbers reveal that Christian church members, overall, are less likely to pursue/receive abortion related services in America; a welcome revelation. The church is full of people; and people are often messy. Gallup has graciously provided a reminder, in this survey, that the church is making a difference in our society when it comes to promoting the value of every human life.

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