Anonymous: “World War 3 Is Imminent on the Korean Penninsula”


Anonymous, a loosely organized group of individuals who have become rather famous (or infamous) for their numerous stunts hacking into organizations they deem harmful to humanity in order to expose them to the public, has released a new video from their official site which warns of a major conflict forming on the Korean peninsula which will likely spread across the entire globe. Take a look:

“Watching as each country moves strategic pieces into place … But unlike past world wars, although there will be ground troops, the battle is likely to be fierce, brutal and quick. It will also be globally devastating, both on environmental and economical levels … This is a real war with real global consequences,” Anonymous says. “With three superpowers drawn into the mix, other nations will be coerced into choosing sides…”

What do you think? Is this legit? Is a devastating conflict on the Korean peninsula imminent as Anonymous suggests? May God help us all if there is. Let us know on Facebook or in the comments below.

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