Billionaire Jack Ma Pledges 1 Million New Jobs

Jack Ma Donald Trump

Alibaba Group chairman Jack Ma recently emerged from talks with president-elect Donald Trump, pledging to help create 1 million U.S. jobs over the next 5 years through expanded access to Chinese markets. Jack Ma is a Chinese equivalent to Mark Zuckerburg (having made a fortune pursuing a plethora of online enterprises in the People’s Republic of China), and boasts a current net worth of around $27 billion. Trump and Ma emerged after their meeting to quickly talk with the press, and Jack reiterated that he believes these new jobs for over a million will come through partnership with American small business; particularly in the Midwest — take a look.

Of course this is just one of a long string of announcements in the past few weeks where large corporations have come out announcing plans to make large investments in the American economy across a broad spectrum of business vocations. Ford, Carrier, Fiat-Chrysler, Sprint, Alibaba Group and more have all pledged to double down on their American assets; curiously in close proximity to speaking with Donald Trump.

What do you think? Is the American economy about to surge forward or is this a false flag that won’t really go anywhere? Let us know on Facebook or in the comments below.

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