CLAIM: “Bill Clinton is my Dad!” — CNN Orders Blackout

Bill Clinton Dad Danney Williams

Over the last week, the story of Danney Williams, a man who claims that Bill Clinton is his father, has been making its way around the headlines of several conservative news organizations. Williams claims that Clinton impregnated his mother as a result of several visits to her home — soliciting sex for money while he (Clinton) was still governor of Arkansas. After several failed attempts to connect with Bill, Williams says that Hillary Clinton would just not allow it.  Danney’s story has been recorded in documentary form and should be viewed below.

Matt Drudge, of the Drudge Report, has recently confirmed that CNN (a network that has notoriously shilled for Clinton throughout the 2016 election) has banned any of its reporters from talking about or looking into this story in anyway.


If this is story is true, it highlights again a PATTERN OF DESTRUCTIVE AMORAL BEHAVIOR from Hillary (and Bill) Clinton. It does not seem to matter what lies in her way on the path to greater power. She will (and has) attempted to leave any opposition as smoking wreckage in her wake. Destroying the life of her husband’s son for political expediency is AN ETHICAL ABOMINATION. Combine this with all of her other lying, fraud, scandals, etc. and you have a sociopathic tornado moving toward the most powerful office in the land. If one cannot bring themselves to vote for Trump based on moral or ethical concerns related to his speech, THEN THERE IS NO WAY THAT PERSON CAN VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTON. She makes him look like a saint in comparison.

What do you think? Is this story legit? Would Hillary Clinton disavow, disown, and destroy the life of her husband’s progeny for political expedience? Let us know on Facebook or in the comments below.

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