NEW SURVEY: Clinton Supporters Losing Most Friends Over Election

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In a new Monmouth University survey, released Monday, polling data showed that supporters of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton report having lost the highest percentage of friends because of the election (nearly 1 in 10). Trump supporters also reported having to forfeit some of their friends as well, but at a smaller ratio (about 1 in 17).  From

The Monmouth University Poll  also finds that 7% of voters report having lost or ended a friendship because of this year’s presidential race.  This includes 9% of Clinton supporters, 6% of Trump backers, and 3% of other voters.  This is not that unusual though – 7% of voters say they have lost friendships over political campaigns in the past.

This might seem counter-intuitive to the narrative direction with which Trump and his supporters are popularly portrayed in the media (i.e. loud, obnoxious, imbeciles). How then is it possible that Clinton supporters are losing friends at a significantly higher rate than those of Trump? Could it have something to do with the American awareness of Hillary Clinton; her scandalous past, habitual lying, shady connections, smug arrogance, etc.? Probably. There aren’t many things more obnoxious than people who close their eyes, cover their ears and just repeat nonsense over and over as loud as possible until you walk away.

Have you experienced this sort of obnoxious behavior from supporters of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Let us know on Facebook or in the comments below.

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