Ryan, Bannon Mislead Trump; Freedom Caucus Right to Insist on Full Repeal

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President Trump campaigned vociferously on the idea of repealing (and to be fair “replacing”) Obamacare. Many of his supporters interpreted this oft repeated promise as a covenant for a complete and full repeal of that very unpopular (and economically damaging) legislation. Now however, under the advisement of establishment leader Paul Ryan (and what looks to be an increasingly corrupted and opportunistic Steve Bannon), president Trump is backing away from those promises in favor of the massively unpopular RyanCare bill (a bill that doesn’t fully repeal Obamacare and leaves much of its more damaging provisions in place). The Donald has even lashed out at the principled conservatives in Congress who are holding him accountable to his promise, Senators Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz, the House Freedom Caucus, Congressman Thomas Massie, and others.

Congressman Thomas Massie, who openly supported Trump throughout the campaign against Hillary Clinton, fired back at the president’s tweet; insisting that the president is making a huge mistake by listening to the advice of Paul Ryan (and other native swamp creatures) with regard to this legislation.

Senator Rand Paul, a medical doctor, has long been an adamant opponent of Ryan’s bill; smelling a rat even before it was released to the public, and encouraging conservatives to stand united against the unpopular establishment / lobbyist backed bill in order to implement a full repeal and market-based conservative replacement.

The president’s conservative following did not seem to be at all happy with his decision to attack the principled members of congress standing in the way of this, as was epitomized by popular conservative newsman Matt Drudge’s most recent tweet; calling Senator Paul (who could be considered the leader of this GOP opposition to Ryan’s Bill), “America’s best senator.”

So what is the deal? Is president Trump selling out his supporters on this? Was he just trying to push whatever garbage he could get through as fast as possible to claim he made good on his campaign promise? Is he being mislead by the swamp-creatures he went to Washington to get rid of? What do you think? Let us know on Facebook or in the comments below.

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