Trump & Rand Paul Discuss Healthcare Bill Over Round of Golf

Rand Paul Donald Trump Obamacare Healthcare golf

President Trump seems to have to come to his senses after a week of attacking the House Freedom Caucus over the failed Paul Ryan healthcare bill. Many conservatives (lead by Senator Rand Paul) decried the new law as “Obamacare-lite,” and urged conservative members of the House not to vote in favor of it. Earlier this morning, however, the president and Senator Paul met together at the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia to talk about finding some common ground on healthcare with conservative members of the House and Senate.

The meeting appears to have resulted in positive feelings on both sides; with Paul tweeting his optimism for the future, and the president (at least temporarily) ceasing his attacks on the House Freedom Caucus. Hopefully, the realization that conservatives largely lifted him to the presidency has settled in, and Trump will (wisely) work with (rather than attack and antagonize) them in order to achieve his legislative and executive goals. What do you think? Was this meeting an extension of an olive branch by Trump to conservatives? Will they now work together to get a solid, market-based solution to Obamacare passed through Congress? Let us know on Facebook or in the comments below.

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