TRUMP WINS! Americans Tired of the Status Quo

Donald Trump Wins Election President

Donald Trump stunned many around the world last night, surging across the United States electoral map on a wave of Red not seen since Ronald Reagan in 1980. He was able to turn solidly blue states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania back to the Republican column; securing a victory that most pundits and media elites were outlining as nigh impossible. How did he do it? Quite simply — Americans are angry. For too long, liberal elites in government, media, business, etc., have colluded to impose their will on the people — and the people finally responded (albeit in the form of Donald Trump). RealClearPolitics reports:

“People underestimated the discontent that average Americans felt,” echoed Joe Borelli, a New York City councilman and a visible Trump supporter on cable news throughout the election. “It was palpable to everyone who traveled the country, but the media and pundits were blind to it.”

As the votes were counted last night, and it looked like Trump was going to win Florida, then Ohio, then North Carolina, and eventually Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, the market began to react violently (losing hundreds of points) as the many backroom deals, negotiations, and political alliances of the last eight years (preparing for an “inevitable” Clinton presidency) were quickly becoming worthless in the eyes of investors.


Perhaps the most telling bit of information of the evening came when the votes cast by the residents of Washington D.C. (the nation’s capital) were counted and the results delivered. If people in the U.S. are tired of the status quo liberal elites, they (the liberal elites) were in lock step with Hillary Clinton — voting overwhelmingly to continue the massive government gravy train.


Where you surprised at the Trump victory last night? This publication has continuously reported the data coming in from the most historically reliable polling organizations —showing Trump with a clear lead going into the election. Were most other media organizations just blind to these numbers or was it an intentional attempt to deceive Americans and dubiously affect the outcome of the election? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook or in the comments below.

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