Former President Bush Voting For Hillary Clinton

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It is no secret that Hillary Clinton is considered by many to be the “status quo candidate.” She has long been a member of, and now epitomizes, establishment politics in the United States of America. It should be no surprise, then, that other long-time establishment politicians and representatives line up in lock-step behind her when faced with an alternative they probably consider to be dangerous, unpredictable and uncooperative to their power structure. According to, the late Senator Robert Kennedy’s daughter, Kathleen Townsend, met with former president George H. W. Bush in Maine yesterday, where he shared with her his intention to vote for Hillary Clinton. Politico reports:

On Monday, Townsend posted a picture on her Facebook page shaking hands next to the former president and this caption: “The President told me he’s voting for Hillary!!” In a telephone interview, Townsend said she met with the former president in Maine earlier today, where she said he made his preference known that he was voting for a Democrat. “That’s what he said.”

Has former president Bush abandoned his own party and principle; or is he simply showing his true colors? It would be one thing to disagree with Trump on principle and simply not vote for him. There is no shame in that. But to go the extra distance and vote for someone like Clinton, who is way off to the far left of the Republican base, isn’t about making a statement. He wants to vote for her; because he agrees with her.

What do you think? Is the former president justified in his choice based on party loyalty or conservative principle? Is he simply shedding his mask and revealing his leftist proclivities? Let us know on Facebook or in the comments below.

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