Impoverished Chinese Christians Required to Replace Images of Jesus w/ Communist Party Leader

chinese christians xi jinping

It seems that the Communist Party of China is taking a large step back toward their Marxist, anti-religion heritage.  According to local sources, the party has instituted a new policy requiring impoverished Christians in China to replace images of Jesus in their homes with those of the Communist “Great Leader” Xi Jinping in order to receive government assistance and social services. Official notices of this new policy are being posted throughout China, heralding the launch of this new requirement.

Xi Jinping has been consolidating and growing his power and influence in China for quite sometime with no end in sight; going so far as to take the “Great Leader” moniker not used since the genocidal rule of Mao ZeDong. Newsweek reports:

Xi recently cemented his position as head of the Communist Party, by far the most powerful role in China. During the Chinese Communist Party’s national congress in October, Xi spoke at length about making religion more Chinese and instilling it with socialist values. Now, Christians in Yugan county, Jiangxi province are learning that those socialist values can best be represented by Xi’s face.

People in China frequently used to hang pictures of Communist leader Mao Zedong at the center of their homes. Xi recently modified his official image to look more like the now famous headshot of Mao, a sign that he is attempting to build a personality cult similar to that of the founding father of the People’s Republic of China.

Religion is not officially banned in China, but it is discouraged. Nevertheless, Christianity has been spreading quickly in China since the end of Mao’s Cultural Revolution four decades ago. Unofficial churches and places of worship have even popped up in people’s homes, and some estimates suggest that there are now more Christians in China than Communist Party members.

With President Trump having recently returned from a visit to Asia in which he espoused a belief that talks with Xi were “productive,” it remains to be seen how the US can work with countries who so strongly repress basic human rights like freedom of speech and religion.

What are your thoughts on China’s latest move? Is this indicative of the ideology of the American left as well? “Help turn those who believe in Jesus, into believers in the Party?” Let us know on Facebook or in the comments below.

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