Clinton Unafraid to Cast Stones at Trump; Despite Sharing the Same Guilt

Hillary Clinton Stones Donald Trump

Can you envision what it might be like if every person in America had all of their private conversations secretly taped? And then, in the last month before the election, if all of the worst things the candidates (who had also been recorded) had ever said were released to the public? What would that look like? Would people saying horrible things in the past disqualify them from holding elected office? Would there then be anyone who could run for office? Could you?

This is the point of Jesus’ teaching in John, chapter 8, when the Pharisees wanted to kill the woman who had been caught in the act of adultery. “The law demands it,” they said. John records Jesus’ reply:

But Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger. When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” Again he stooped down and wrote on the ground.

Let me get this out of the way up front; the purpose of this article is not to apologize Trump’s comments. They were despicable, and had there been evidence that he acted on what he described, it would have clearly been sexual assault — a prosecutable offense . At the present moment, all there is … is talk. Nevertheless, what continues to astound and disturb the moral proclivities of this publication, is the epitomic hypocrisy that is being displayed by Hillary Clinton and her sycophant legion of supporters — all lining up to cast stones at Trump, when Clinton and her husband have been a party to years of sexual assault scandals, accusations, coverups, and even impeachment because of the things Trump described in speech — but happened in their (the Clintons’) real life. Clinton was quick to cast her first:

What about Bill, Hillary? Did you say that about him? Can we not, by your logic, allow him to become first lady of the United States? What did Hillary’s conversations with her closest friends look like when she first found out about Bill doing this kind of thing? Was her own language above reproach? Did she always refer to her husband’s mistresses with respect? Surely she never used any tacky language when venting her frustration at Bill’s infidelity. Was she, while helping to defend and enable Bill’s cavorting in many instances, apathetic to her husband’s actions? Hopefully, that isn’t the case — it seems even more despicable; but I digress.

There is some controversy, looking back to the verse in John, chapter 8, as to what Jesus may have been writing in the sand before he admonished the Jewish leaders. One of the most popular of the competing theories, is that Christ was writing a list of names belonging to the men standing around them with stones in their hands; and next to those names … their sins.

Jesus knew that these men who wanted to kill a woman for the sin she had committed were also sinners themselves. They were just as guilty as her and had to walk away because they realized this simple truth. What if one of them had remained to throw stones? Would anyone not be horrified at that sort of sociopathic evil? What kind of amoral self delusion would that sort of action demonstrate?

Donald Trump is being targeted in the same way for something he said over a decade ago. The crowd of people assailing him follow a leader whose guilt blackens the ivory tower she sits in — casting destruction down on anyone who gets in the way of her ascension to power.  Anyone like Juanita Broadrrick, a woman who has long accused former president Clinton of having raped her.

That crowd of people is large too — and powerful. The media could easily be considered a part of it (stones in hand) — they are generally in the tank for Clinton. The coverage of this controversy proves it. Wikileaks, an organization which leaks hacked copy to the public,  released documents right around the same time as the Trump leak, showing that Clinton is still, surprise, a liar; but that is being drowned in the river by the media in favor of this “Trump talks dirty” story.

Let’s just pretend for a moment that the media actually did give the Hillary leak fair play. How many times have the American people seen a “Hillary lies again” piece over the years? Many, many times. It’s been so many that some sort of desensitization effect has settled into our collective psyche. People expect her to lie, and somewhere in the psychology of that, she is getting a pass on not just her habitual lying, but on anything of a similar magnitude that comes against her — “boys will be boys,” “Hillary will be Hillary;” that sort of thing.

Donald Trump is certainly no saint, but Hillary Clinton feels untouchable, invincible even, because the media (and her supporters) will carry her water in the blazing sun for miles. That is why she will stand there and cast the stones — even though her name is written on the ground; even though all her sins are written right next to it for all to see. She doesn’t care (and neither do her supporters)— and that’s what is truly horrific.

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