Dave Chappelle Hilariously Lampoons Democrat Election Disbelief

Democrat voters were (and in many ways still are) in shock Tuesday night as it became more and more apparent that Donald Trump would be the next president of the United States of America. As we have continually reported, many historically accurate models and polls were predicting a Trump win in 2016 (so this result was not completely unforeseen). Comedian Dave Chappelle, along with fellow funny man Chris Rock, quite expertly take advantage of this progressive oblivion to make a hilarious point regarding the profound state of disconnection the American left is currently experiencing with reality. Take a look:

How did the American left, which so often takes pride in its elevated sense of “education” and “enlightenment,” so severely miss the mark on this? Why did they not see it coming? It is very simple really.


Push polls, like those coming out of ABC & NBC News, continuously attempted to show Clinton as having an insurmountable lead over Trump (enough of a lead to discourage his voters from even showing up at the polls), while much more accurate polling organizations like the LA Times and IBD / TIPP consistently showed Trump as having the lead. * Notice the polls for Ohio, Wisconsin, and Michigan below — all states won by Trump (he won Ohio by 8 points).


What do you think? Is this honest disbelief on the part of the media and the progressive voting population? Or was this a deliberate and systemic attempt on behalf of the leftist political and media establishment to dishonestly effect the outcome of the election? Let us know on Facebook or in the comments below.

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