Leftist Media Mocks Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin for Asking People to Pray

matt bevin kentucky governor

Several days ago, Matt Bevin, the Republican governor of Kentucky held a press conference asking the faith community of his state to seek the help of God in addressing some of the Bluegrass’ most pressing problems [problems like the murder rate in Democrat controlled Louisville, not to mention the state’s pension problems exacerbated by former governor Steve Beshear (Democrat)]. Bevin’s opponents within the stalwartly leftist infested major media outlets in both of Kentucky’s leading cities (Louisville and Lexington) have spared no amount of vitriol and irrationality in attacking his every move (much like the media does with the president) — including mocking Kentucky believers, particularly in Appalachia.

Take a look at this quote from a reporter at the Courier Journal (Louisville’s newspaper)

“[Prayer is] not the answer to our murder problem any more than a laying on of hands would cure the state’s pension ills, or an old fashioned tent revival complete with copperheads and rattlers would bring jobs to eastern Kentucky.”

The governor took a few minutes out of his day to respond to the shysters in the media who purport “journalism,” while engaging in dishonest verbosity — crudely attempting to veil their partisan contempt for conservatives and people of faith. Take a look at Matt Bevin’s response.

Kentucky’s governor, not unlike the president, has openly expressed his disdain for the unending stream of lies being constantly put out by leftist media organizations in his state. Watch as he man-handles the media (off-the-cuff) and calls them out on their dishonesty (with ease).

Everyday big traditional media organizations (which are almost 100% owned by wealthy leftists) continue to further denigrate any ounce of objectivity or reputation they (if they ever) had. Quite frankly, I am  disgusted by these people; who metaphorically defecate on their Constitutional responsibility to tell the truth. The veil has been completely lifted. They would not (and did not) behave this way toward Clinton, Obama, or corrupt Democrat governor Steve Beshear who was instrumental in creating the state’s current pension problem, and are openly displaying their rampant disregard for intellectual honesty and ethical integrity. It should be no surprise that they are mocking a belief in the power of God to answer the petitions of His people — Marxists do not believe in Him.

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