Mainstream Media Determined to Destroy Trump

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If anyone ever doubted that the “mainstream media (MSM)” behemoths of this country were not bought and paid for by whoever pulls the puppet strings of the Democratic Party; please wake up and smell the Starbucks (if it hasn’t been destroyed by progressive rioters). A quick glance at Google News, a news aggregate compiled by Google from across the internet, will show that “Donald Trump” is , of course, one of the top search terms. Go further and actually click on “Donald Trump,” and behold a plethora of hit pieces, as the major MSM news organizations take one pot shot after another, hoping to fell the tree they just couldn’t seem to topple during the campaign season. Take a look at the New York Times‘ (one of the oldest, largest, and “most respected” news organizations in the US) front-page on Saturday. As you will see, about 65-70% of the headlines, photos, etc, are intentioned negatively toward the new president; many attacking him outright:

Could it be that there are no other stories to cover? Were there no violent riots Friday before the inauguration? Where did the groups originate from? Who organized the violence? Why is it always progressive groups rioting and not the other way around? Or how about Madonna telling the crowd she thinks often about blowing up the White House at the “Women’s March” Saturday in Washington? Or Ashley Judd’s speech where she takes pride in being a “filthy, vulgar, nasty woman” but then turns around to accuse the president of incest and invokes a “reductio ad Hitlerum” for the millionth time? Surely these stories would sell a bunch of papers; but, they would also shed a negative light on the progressive movement, on the “women’s march,” and on the Democratic party — something we all know the New York Times has no intention of doing (and never will).

Of course, the 1st Amendment guarantees our freedom of speech (thank goodness) and freedom of the press (also great), but that just means we all have to be vigilant in how we take in and process information. Many people have a vested interest in the cronyism that the Democratic party (and to a large extent the Republican party) has trafficked in for decades. Some of these people have money — enough to own major news networks — and they are using those networks to take down someone who wouldn’t play ball with them; someone they can’t control. To Trump’s supporters specifically, remember this reality when everything you hear from radio, TV, etc. is non-stop hatred … “everyone” was against Trump in the election … all the talking heads on the left, many of the talking heads on the right, all of the major news outlets (even quite a bit of Fox News), and he still won. How is that possible? The people were with him.

Personally, I am waiting to see what Trump will do with the office of the presidency. Will he overturn Obamacare and attempt to begin a restoration of market sensibilities that haven’t existed for decades in the US healthcare arena? Will he diminish the Department of Education and return control of our kids education to our local administrators; overturning Common Core in the process? Will he appoint constitutionalist justices to the court, ensuring an originalist (and not an activist) interpretation of the constitution for a generation? I don’t know — but, I am optimistic. And, I do know one thing. Anyone who has the establishment (all across the board) so worked up that they have all hands on deck to take him down, is a person I am greatly interested in. Godspeed president Trump.

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