Trump Announcing Supreme Court Pick Tuesday

Donald Trump Supreme Court

President Trump announced earlier this morning that he would be revealing the identity of his choice for Supreme Court nominee Tuesday evening at 8pm EST — two days earlier than he had originally suggested. The president will most likely nominate someone from a list of candidates we recently profiled, containing quite a few solid choices on the originalist side of jurisprudence.

Trump has also been meeting, on multiple occasions, with Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano for his counsel on what characteristics to look for specifically in a solid Supreme Court justice. Napolitano is a highly respected, and staunchly originalist, expert on Constitutional law — an expert who himself would make one of the finest Justices to ever sit on the court in this author’s opinion. Is this a possibility? They have met several times to discuss the issue.

What do you think? Will Trump audaciously choose Napolitano as his nominee, or will he go with someone less likely to get held up in confirmation hearings? Let us know who you think he will choose on Facebook or in the comments below.

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