Trump Defers to General Mattis’ Opposition to Torture: “He’s the Expert.”

Donald Trump James Mattis torture

President Trump appeared at a press conference earlier today with British Prime Minister Theresa May to discuss a variety of issues, the most interesting of which was a public course reversal on his intention to implement “enhanced interrogation techniques” in executing military intelligence operations on behalf of the United States. The president made it clear that he has delegated power to Secretary of Defense James Mattis on this issue — expounding that Mattis is “an expert, highly respected, and the ‘general’s general.'”

This announcement comes as a massive relief to many — including Republican leaders in Congress, Secretary of Defense Mattis, and CIA Director Mike Pompeo — and serves as a sign that President Trump is willing to listen to his top advisors and change his mind if reason should dictate that course. One of the most notable and loudest voices of dissent among Republicans on the issue comes from Senator Rand Paul (R-KY); who has consistently proclaimed his principled position against the use of such methods.

Whether or not torture (or techniques bearing close resemblance to such) works is debatable; but that isn’t the only query concerning this issue that deserves consideration. Should we use “enhanced interrogation” even if it does work? That is an ethical question that must be wrestled with thoroughly, exhaustively even, before the decision to torture another human being is made by anyone. Thankfully, President Trump has exercised the wisdom to follow a different path.

What do you think? Should the United States use “enhanced interrogation” techniques against terrorists, enemy combatants, and others to get the information they want? Are you comfortable with the government having the power to torture people that they deem “enemies.” Let us know on Facebook or in the comments below.

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