Wikileaks Head Julian Assange’s Internet Cut Off by State

Julian Assange Wikileaks

State actors have begun to move against Wikileaks founder and director Julian Assange by cutting off his access to the internet. Wikileaks tweeted this morning:

Assange’s organization has been publishing leaked materials, illuminating private conversations from within the Clinton campaign, over the last two weeks — so the timing of this is extremely suspicious. Clinton definitely has allies in the White House that could pressure foreign governments — as Americans can clearly see from her email server scandal. Do her allies go even beyond the White House? Is she being propped up by international power-brokers? Does the world establishment have a vested interest in Clinton rather than Trump maintaining the status quo in the United States? Clinton has been recorded suggesting that she would like to “drone” (kill) Assange in the past.

What do you think? Are Hillary Clinton and her allies moving to silence Assange from revealing anything more to the American people that isn’t “government approved?” Let us know on Facebook or in the comments below.

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