“Women’s March” Organized by Marxists, Globalists & CAIR?

Women's March marxist CAIR

On Saturday, January 21st, hundreds of thousands of people (mostly women) converged on Washington D.C. to “march for women’s rights;” a code-phrase for protesting Donald Trump’s inauguration along-side a clever cooption of women into the Marxist voting camp. Speakers at the event ranged all over, from actors, to preachers, rabbis, social workers, and activists, but there was definitely a common thread binding them all together. That thread wasn’t simply “women’s rights,” but a very particular brand of the them — the Marxist one. Celebrity speakers, including avowed socialists like Van Jones and Michael Moore, mixed legitimate women’s rights issues with a witch’s brew of emotional rhetoric and Marxist ideas. Principles like government sponsored population control (abortion-on-demand), income redistribution (government mandated paid maternity leave, “living wages,” etc.), and other increasingly Marxist progressive agenda items were championed to the exclusion of some women who wanted to be a part of an actual “women’s march” and not a progressive power play. The “New Wave Feminists,” a women’s rights organization that identifies Pro-Life, was initially accepted as a sponsor group by the women’s march organizers until they became aware of this Pro-Life position; after which they quickly ejected the pro-lifers from the list and issued an apology to their “exclusively” pro-choice clientele.

But was their list really “exclusively” pro-choice? The presence of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) at the event throws a giant wrench in that idea (Muslims generally view abortion very unfavorably), and is just a little puzzling. CAIR has fairly recently (~2014) been in the news for attempting to block the release of a documentary (“The Honor Diaries“) which chronicles the horrendous treatment Muslim women have suffered at the hands of Islamic regimes all over the world. CAIR has also been strongly associated with the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas – a terrorist organization recognized by the US and many of its allies), a fundamentalist Islamic regime. Its founders both belonged to a splinter group of Hamas called the Islamic Association of Palestine (IAP) — created to raise money for the organization in the US — and the FBI reported that CAIR’s founders went to great lengths attempting to hide this association.

Why then would the organizers of this march include a group with ties to, and that even apologizes (defends), institutions that have some of the worst track records for women’s (and even just human) rights in the entire world? Maybe because the “March on Washington,” was never really about women at all. It is about ideological power — and an all-consuming desire that will use any “useful idiots” willing to play its games until that power is achieved.

Watch the video below to get just a little taste of the Orwellian tactics these people are willing to employ in order to rile up, confuse, and spur on the masses toward their desired ends and then let us know your thoughts on Facebook or in the comments below.

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